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The most common areas for electrolysis: eyebrows, upper lip, sides of face, chin, breast area, stomach, bikini line, top of feet and toes.


If you are waxing on your eyebrows, you should be aware that abrupt pulling around the eye area will cause premature wrinkling. Feel free to confirm this with your doctor.


ELECTROLYSIS with specialized equipment is the only safe, sure way of removing hair permanently. Trained, qualified electrologists will suit an Electrolysis program to your needs. WE CAN HELP YOU! Complimentary Confidential Consultations Available.


SUPERFLUOUS hair has been a secret problem women and men have had to cope with since the beginning of time. If you have unwanted and embarrassing hair, you are not alone, for about 90% of women and some men share this problem with you.


There are many reasons for the growth of superfluous hair. It may be a hereditary or glandular problem; it may appear after illnesses or operations, or as a result of medications. Stress can also be a factor. Regardless of the cause, your superfluous hair can be removed safely and permanently by electrolysis. Shaving, waxing, tweezing and the use depilatories are only temporary methods of removal and tend to stimulate the hair root so that it increases the strength and quantity of re-growth. Eventually even the fine vellus hair coarsens and darkens to become problem hair. Even if you have been shaving or otherwise tampering with the hair for years, electrolysis treatment can still be effective.


The electrologist inserts a very tiny filament into the hair follicle in the opening that is already there, and a very small amount of current is applied for a fraction of a second, which coagulates or causes a chemical reaction in the papilla to destroy the hair.


HAIR may be safely removed from all parts of the body except the inner ear and inner nostril. Moles may be treated after a doctor has ascertained they aren’t malignant.

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